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So many things…so little time…

I thought blogging would be easy. A relief to release all the things I have to say flying around in my head. Only NOW – day TWO of bloggin, I find out that on top of ALL the things I don’t get to do, I will now also have to find the time to come jot down the ideas in my head that is looking for a place to go sit..nevermind nest… so, maybe my great idea of blogging will end up like the tons of diaries I bought over the years – for one reason – because i have a stationery fettish…and they looked pretty…and for the second reason – because I wanted it to be so complete and worthwhile… I ended up never doing it. But then again – I am also the kind of person who never gives up. So, I dont care if anyone EVER reads my blog. I just want to vent and I just did. Cool.


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